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11-13-2012, 05:47 PM
Marc the Habs Fan
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Props to the Jays for making a bold move. For years we've heard ''Rogers will spend the money when the time is right'' and it was true.

They've needed a legit leadoff hitter, now they have one at a key position.

Johnson can perform like an ace and this will be his FA year, so he'll be very motivated. They still need Romero to bounce back, but that's a nice rotation now with Morrow still there.

Red Sox have big holes, Orioles are unlikely to repeat, Rays don't have the $ to upgrade much and the Yankees are a year older and are apparently dead set on not spending more than 189 M in 2014. The moment to strike was now and they took advantage of it.

As for Florida, I think they got a good young starter in Alvarez and 2 talented SS's, and the pitching prospect Nicolino seems promising, but this completely kills any credibility ownership had left in that market.

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