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Originally Posted by BigFatCat999 View Post
I'm not totally sure but they are making a big deal of it of it. I was wondering HOW big a deal it was. I worked as an athletic trainer for 4 years in Tennessee and it was frustrating looking up at 12 yr olds. (I'm 5'8") It's like being a hobbit living in that area. Freakish genetic stock, now the first generation of kids who have played hockey their whole lives are coming up and they are beginning to show it.

I made the comment 5 yrs ago that if the south grabbed on to hockey you would see a Shea Weber in the draft every yr.

we've been waiting for this wave of american supermen for years (decades) and they keep falling short. Sort of like the world juniors: every year, these american supermen are going to monopolize the game and win every contest by 10 goals (there are some people at hockey canada who might actually want that to happen as it would be "growing the game") but it never occurs. You people seriously need to get over yourselves.

Canadians can be bad when it comes to hockey, but americans are like the worst kind of canadian hockey fans - except they're that way about everything.

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