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11-13-2012, 06:04 PM
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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
I had filled my "vote" yesterday, but finally scratched it due to numerous issues.

+ I had Durnan ranked first. However, I'm just not convinced that's where he goes, even if I think he has to be considered the best goalie of his era (no matter how small his era was). All arguments that can be made against Durnan (namely, some playoffs failures, playing on a team with great defense... and great offence) can also be made for Brimsek when the latter reaped 1st AST's... And even then, Boston was a better team pre WWII than Montreal was post WWII (mainly due to offensive depth, which was simply ridiculous, but they also had the best D, unless everybody admits ranking Dit Clapper so high in the HOH Top-60 D was wrong.

+ I had Benedict and Vezina in the Top-8, but out of the Top-4, and one after another. Vezina was indeed the best in the '10ies (but by how much and against whom?), Benedict was indeed the best in the '20ies (who did had some hooplas... in circumstances much less acceptable than aforementionned Durnan).

+ I ended up having Tony Esposito and Charlie Gardiner quite high. I'm pretty convinced for Gardiner. A bit less for Esposito. Espo and Parent will be neck-and-neck in my rankings.

+ Unless somebody explains me how Turk Broda was any better than the 4th best goalie in the league at any time (for a sortof decent period), he's completely out of the Top-8 (mainly because 4th best makes him bottom-half...). His great playoffs performances are simply not equal to Gardiner's great performances (team support...) and probably wouldn't look so great... if he played like Durnan did in the regular season. Broda could get away with average regular season performances. Chuck Rayner couldn't.
Broda did lead the league twice in GAA (meaning Vezinas). And the 47-48 season has to be one of the best ever for a goalie, winning the Vezina and then going 8-1 to win the Cup with the best GAA.

From 40-41 to 47-48 Broda played 5 seasons and lost 3 to the War. In those 5 seasons he was 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st in GAA. And won 3 Cups. That's a decent period where he was better than 4th best.

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