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Originally Posted by Iain Fyffe View Post
Why, yes. Yes it is.

Since you and I were talking about the same season in this case, it is so. Directly contemporaneous player-seasons are adjusted by the same amount. I made sure to specify that in my post. Did you not read it?

As I said, what happens is entirely predictable, if you understand the math (which is really quite simple). No normalization will occur. Everyone's shifted up or down by essentially the same percentage, except for the players at zero, who will always remain at zero.

Since both the player's stats and the total stats of all players are being adjusted by the same percentage, each player's stats will remain at the same percentage of the total. That's simple math, and only rounding and the zero cases will make an apparent difference.

If you try it and find otherwise, I'd be interested to see the results.
Take a step back and listen to yourselves. If that were indeed true then it shouldn't make a difference if I use 1 year or 5 years or 9 years as long as they are the same years for each.
That is clearly not the case.
There is 0.4-1.3% discrepancy in every year which adds up to account for the roughly 4% difference I cited earlier.

What is the point of introducing that discrepancy in the first place?
We already have it EXACTLY as it happened but no, that's not good enough? You want to run it through a system that reduces the 100% accuracy it already had and use those numbers instead?

Yeah, lets use the system that is only about 99% accurate in the short term and only 96% accurate in the longer term as opposed to the original that is 100% accurate from start to finish, no matter the term...sounds like a good idea to me

Seriously...time to give yer heads a shake.

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