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05-21-2006, 04:33 PM
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First off, I'm 6"2 (pushing 6"3), 160-5 lbs. Pretty good size for a 15-year old I'd say, and average for a NHL player. (Though they're most likely heavier...)

I have a flair for the offensive side of the game, my defensive game is, unfortunately, not that great; I'm not fast to pick up attackers and I'll get nervous and forget how to play defense. But I can and will throw huge hits if I have a chance to knock the wind out of someone. I will get into fights, even though I lose almost all the time..

Anyways, I can skate really good, very quick to accelerate and turning just as fast, is no problem. IMO, my best attributes are my wrist shot, and my "nose for the net", a la Ilya Kovalchuk. I have a GREAT wrist shot, it is accurate almost everytime and very fast to stop. I score a lot of goals, I'm a very dynamic player; I can burn you with my speed or simply deke around you. I have okay vision on the ice and because of it, I don't like passing to my teammates for the breakaway or the one-timer; I rather score and be set up for the breakaway or the one-timer. I can play a very physical game and have been kicked out of games for it. I'm good going into the boards, my lower body strength keeps me balanced and hard to knock off the puck. I've been practicing deking and stickhandling skills since I was 3, I'll make defenders look stupid when they see me go around them and goalies get nervous when they see me coming down the ice. I have good endurance and stamina, I can stay out on the ice for a long period of time and wherever my coach tells me to play, I'll do my best to score and help the team. The nickname I have is "Goalie Hunter"-> Hunter (my last name) and I score a lot of goals.

My defensive part of the game is very bad, I don't know what to do, I can't play on the p.k., I don't block shots, I don't know how to clear the puck safely, I can't keep attackers out of my blueline or my goalie's crease, etc. I can't fight good, but I'll stick up for my teammates, being one of the bigger guys on the team.

I don't play for any minor league team or whatever they're called.. It's a team of a bunch of guys in the area around where I live and up to 15 miles. There are organized games at a ice rink and the coach is one of my friend's dad; who thought of the idea back in 1997, when we were all around 6-10 years old.

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