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11-13-2012, 06:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Tim Wallach View Post
I said from Day 1 that when I heard the name Donald Fehr involved, I knew it would be armaggedon for our sport. He is the worst possible thing for the fans of a sport wanting balance and an even playing field.

And as a negotiator he is the pinnacle of frustration for his counterparts as he's a moving target. You think you're arguing one thing and all of a sudden, he's arguing a completely different point. You think you've satisfied his main bellyache and he suddenly has several others.

I'm sure the players were wooed by his tough reputation and take-no-crap background, but I strongly believe he is going to see to it that everyone loses in this debacle. And if by some miracle he gets what he wants from the NHL, the fans lose as every point he is arguing leads to a less fair system. "Player contracting rights" refers exclusively to players picking and choosing who they play for. Goodbye viability of most teams.
What I highlighted in bold............are you referring to Donald Fehr or DA Champion?

VERY good post.

The only winner in this potentially lost season is Donald Fehr. He scorches the earth (the MLB previously and now the NHL) and he walks away with a pocket full of money.

Meanwhile, players have lost earnings, people who work for NHL teams and arenas have their finances destroyed, teams will close up shop and fans will take years to return to spending their money in the NHL.

And Fehr will keep smiling at the wreckage.

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