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11-13-2012, 06:40 PM
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as for this from your post.....Meanwhile Detroit picks up Suter at $9m and Wild fans are red in the face with management.

Why should Leopold spend his money on players that don't make financial and team sense...just because his fans are red in the face???

How are his fans gonna feel when they see they have $10M on Suter who can't put up the numbers because he has nobody to play with???

Giving into the fans are the exact reason a team gets off track . They stray from their own plan which makes sense for the team and then pay for years down the road trying to fix the mistake.

Look at Philly...they had a great team and tons of depth yet blow it up to chase an overpaid goalie in Bryz...moving Carter and Richards to do so.

NJ...signs Kovalchuk to $100M a player against all NJ principals of D-fence and TEAMwork...they lose Parise their captain and homegrown talent as a result.

TOR...trades the world for Kessel and then pay year after year for the mistake

on the other side

LA...takes its licking for a few years and develops and great team. Once it makes sense financially responsibly adds talent to win a championship.

CHI...same thing develops team through the draft and adds talent when it gives them a chance to win the cup.

BOS...same thing!

Have a plan and work the plan to perfection! Minnesota is not on the cusp of winning the cup or in the middle of a they have $15M locked into 2 players

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