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11-13-2012, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
Strikes/Lockouts can only happen with no CBA.

The players didn't bargain because they didn't believe (based on the last lockout) that the owners would be either, and they've been proven right... the NHL has yet to bargain.

If you don't mind jail threatening a union with a lockout is fine.
For the first part that's kind of what I'm talking about, technically if the players are willing to play couldn't you just sign an official 1 year CBA that follows the same rules while you continue negotiating for a long term deal to be put in effect next season?

Keep in mind that I'm not saying this is what could have or should have been done, I understand the owners not wanting to do this regardless, what I'm questioning is the notion from the pro-owner side that this was an empty promise from the players thanks to Fehr's baseball strike 2 decades ago.

Also for the last point I don't mean that you threaten the players with a lockout, rather I'm saying that you let it be known that if they strike before the playoffs then over the next year you're going to be playing hard ball in negotiations. I don't know labour laws so it could very well be I'm wrong here and they can't do that, or perhaps it may give the PA the option to decertify.

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