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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
My interpretation is that perhaps they blue jackets have turned the corner, but they (along with the isles) have been the worst managed team for many many years. I dont see them being competitive any time soon ( whenever we start back up) and it is my impression that the market is not as fervent as many places that will willingly support bad teams ( the leafs and thr habs last year). If the lockout goes more than a year, teams in established markets know the fans will be back. i am not sure this is the case in colmbus and in many of thr non traditional markets.

I dont think things are rosy looking for the jackets, perhaps being from ohio you have a better idea about the team than I. If I am wrong then I appologize, but if its not the bluejackets its not like there is a dearth of teams that are struggling.
Being from Ohio and knowing ownership I have a very different perspective.

They have been horribly mismanaged. They have drafted poorly, perhaps been even worse at developing talent. Perhaps even worse, they have usually been just bad enough to miss the playoffs, but not bad enough to draft 1st or 2nd overall where it's difficult to screw up. In spite of this, their attendance has been ok. In fact they had over 100 consecutive sellouts with a team that finished last in their division.

Finally, after a terrible 2010 season, attendance began to slip. The Blue Jackets don't inflate attendance. I've been to games that had 14,000 or 15,000 people that looked like 19,000 in some markets.

Yet they have often spent above the cap midpoint. This means they have decided to give up significant amounts of revenue sharing. Their owners are not complaining about their losses, and in fact during the lockout of 2004 ownership decided they would not lay off any employees and did not cut pay either. Due to this, their owner wrote a $17 million check out of his pocket to cover that year's payroll.

The Blue Jackets are a bad team. Their hockey operations department has done a lousy job. Ownership is also committed to competing. It may not work, but they recently hired John Davidson as President of Hockey Operations for over $2 million per year in an attempt to compete.

They are also not a charity case, and not one of those teams that only spends to the cap floor.

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