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11-13-2012, 07:06 PM
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Heh, I didn't expect Ducky to fall far enough to be in the relegation mix with me!

Ok I've got a tough decision of which YS players to boost. No one looks like a surefire stud, just a whole bunch that could range from potential studs to decent train and sells.

Name 	          Age Qua (%) Pot (%) Position 	 AI 		
David Jordan 	  17 	 92 	     82 	 Offense 	 56
Norbert Hewitt 	  17 	 85 	     74 	 Defense 	 52
Leslie Whittington 16 	 75 	     76 	 Goalie 	 28
Ron Mcconnell 	  17 	 81 	     79 	 Goalie 	 54
Jordan Alvarado 	  16 	 81 	     65 	 Offense 	 25
Don Mcmillian 	  17 	 84 	     77 	 Defense 	 52
Jordan, IIRC, was pulled as a 16 year old last season and was showing 70+Q and 70+P. So I'm not sure what to think. None of these players showed an AI that would lead me to thank they are a surefire good player (60 AI for 17, 30 for 16). Jordan also was originally a goalie, so I'm sure when pulled there will still be a goalie's distribution.

I'm leaning towards some combination of Jordan, Hewitt, and Mcmillian. Probably split both boosts between two of them and hope one of them is good enough for my team instead of being just another train and sell. Would that be the same thinking for the rest of you?

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