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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
These two points will be the death of me.

The players can distance themselves from the last CBA all they want. Fact is, they agreed to it.

Free agency is a competitive market place. The owners compete against each other to sign top players. This competition causes they owners to give long-term, big-money contracts with NMCs, that, yes, sometimes circumvent the CBA. This competition is also the thing keeps the owners from having a collusion charge filed on them.
So the owners collude unless they break the rules? Quite a standard. Someone should inform Sather, maybe he can finally build a contender if he starts cheating... oh, wait.

Funny how the owners and Bettman absolutely gloated after the last two CBAs. How they broke the union and finally got their deal. Same rhetoric after this one. Anyone that thinks the union had a hand in the last CBA is guilty of some creative interpretation. They were in tatters, their head ousted, their new leader in bed with the league and the membership split. Bettman wanted the 27/7.

Yeah... Recchi. These offers have just been getting worse and worse. We'll see how much he sold his soul for shortly after the lockout.

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