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11-13-2012, 07:09 PM
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Man, if I got to level 10 after only 1 hour of gameplay I think I could hit prestige pretty easily when double XP kicks in.

Originally Posted by gunners14henry View Post
I've got a question. I've seen many videos of players using a laser on their gun. Are the enemies able to see the laser as well? I would assume that it gives away your position if they can see it.
I don't think so.

Originally Posted by Leafs at Knight View Post
I have only played like 9 or 10 of the maps , and they are all amazing. I remember like the first day or 2 of MW3, I didn't like the maps at all, and thought to myself " I got a bad feeling about this game".

Anyhow the Type 25, seems like the 'ACR' of the game so far.
Does that mean the ACR was bad because I use the Type 25 and it's solid but I'm sure there are better guns.

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