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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Well someone did mention he had 33 points in 23 games. Pro-rated over the full season and he has 118 points. This isn't to say he gets that on Boston, but who else was doing anything on those Bruins? Also, I'll say that the season was early, it was 1/4 of the way in. The new rules were still hard to adapt to and 23 games is hardly a volume of games to base your franchise player on. That being said, Mike O'Connell, the only GM in the history of the NHL to trade a Hart winner midseason, got fired at the end of the year for Boston and will never work as a GM again. That has to tell you something, no?
Actually, the most overlooked part of Thornton's '05-06 season is this:

He played 23/26 games in Boston, then played all 58 in San Jose. His teams combined for 84 games while he was playing for them, so he had two extra games available, but missed 3 games and so finished with 81 GP. His missing 3 games were not a result of the trade. No one ever mentions this fact when discussing the close race that year, and they almost never discuss the fact that it was an Olympic year when Thornton led Canada to an early exit while Jagr played through a head injury and two extra games (while Joe rested). These were both advantages Thornton had that season.

How can 33 points in 23 games be pro-rated to 118, when he already had missed 3 games at the time of the trade? It pro-rates to 113 if you assumed he would play every remaining game for Boston... and 104 if he maintained the same % of games played for Boston.

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