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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Why has the MLB had no lockouts or strikes?

Did you the financial data transfer and suggestions make any impression on you?
Because there no way that 1994 could be painted as a gain, for anyone? So maybe they learned? Although they went right up to the wall in 2002. MLB also has an in-season renewal date, so a lockout is impossible in the first place as you would have to lockout IN a CBA, as opposed to when it renews.

What do I care about the financial data transfer, the CBA is over and it's up to the sides to negotiate a new deal? Market value has been set for sports related revenue split, it should be a fairly painless negotiation, or maybe you believe the NHL is healthier than the NFL/NBA and should be paid at a higher %.

If one party doesn't want to come to the table until right before the final buzzer, and then chooses to whine about a lockout because of it, am I supposed to be supportive of them? Seems to me they wanted the lockout just as bad as the owners did.

Otherwise they would have pressed the issue instead of delaying because Fehr was busy "learning". Just like he's busy getting water or forgetting where his paperwork is.

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