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11-13-2012, 07:12 PM
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RATINGS/PPV buy numbers

- First, HFWF's first pay-per-view "Night to Remember" did a surprisingly big number of 122,149 buys in North America. This was the first ever show in HFWF's history which was headlined by a fatal four way special referee match, which closed the show, and also introduced The Revolution.

- The 11/12/12 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw was up big time from the 2.4 number they did last week. This week's edition of Monday Night Raw did a good 2.9 rating.

- In HFWF land, the 11/11/12 edition of HFWF Sunday Night Slaughter continued to increase from the 1.9 rating they did last week. This week's edition of Sunday Night Slaughter did a HUGE 2.6 rating. Obviously HFWF is catching up to WWE in the ratings and one has to wonder if HFWF rolls the dice and moves the show to Monday's to go head-to-head with Monday Night Raw.

HFWF Sunday Night Slaughter ratings timeline:
10/28/12 (1st show): 1.2
11/4/12 (2nd show): 1.9
11/11/12 (3rd show): 2.6

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