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11-13-2012, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Strummergas View Post
Impressive resume! I hope things go well for you in Germany. I've been playing bass for about 20 years now, although not pro. I have been able to take the occasional jaunt to UK, Canada, or somewhere here in the Northeast though, and it's always great fun to get on the road.

Relying on others to make music can be incredibly frustrating! Good on you for doing everything yourself and not having to put yourself in a bad position. I'd love to do the same, only electronic music isn't quite my thing and I can't really play any other instruments as well as I can play bass.
Thank you so much! Always nice to chat with another musician; people don't play an instrument for two decades if they're just fooling around - it takes passion to stick with it that far, even if it's only jamming to iTunes and keeping one's chops tight.

Obviously I'll still be around the boards (and luckily, even if I don't make it to Bern to see JT in action - which is a plan - I have Giroux and Briere playing for Eisbaren Berlin, so I still get my hockey fix.)

As far as electronica goes, it's a mixed bag. If you can hunt and peck your way around a synth enough and still play bass, with an *AWESOME* little program called Ableton Live, and musician can be totally self-sufficient, and regardless of what you know right now/today, it never helps to pick up another skillset, if even only for personal enjoyment. It'll be nice to take my trade on the road again as I haven't really toured or anything for a year and a half. Engineers used to be a hot commodity here before the economy tanked; now bars in the city called "the live music capital of the world" offer engineers like me a nice bar tab to bust our butts (and our ears) all night handling these bands....and now I get to go to a well educated, artistic place where I get a chance to set a good example for all Americans and remind the world that we're all not as bad as Fox & CNN can paint us. I'm looking forward to it, but not without more than a little trepidation. I'm just hoping that I can pick up enough legit work in my field to justify a

Always good to meet other music fans; it's a bit of a can of worms, but if you dig GBV, I could likely punt you about 3 dozen different bands, many of which you'll already be familiar with, but some possibly not. I've worked in and around the industry for almost half my life and I'm a total audiophile, so I love opportunities to say "hey, if you like 'x', check out 'y' and you'll likely find another fun band to dig on.

Music helped my sanity when my lower back realized I wasn't Dominik Hasek; I was in college injuring the hell out of myself trying to play hockey and it simply took over. Whatever calm, zen, good graces or ear candy I get to pass along having done what I have is always a treat.

Again, thanks for the well-wishing, and hopefully I can give a few reports about how our boys look on the ice over there!!

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