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11-13-2012, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by JordanStaal#1Fan View Post
I think any real fan of the team prefers young unknown talent to quickly fading old stars. However, Joey is trying to solidify the fanbase and brining in "names" will do just that.. for a while! Of course, the "names" won't keep butts in the seat if they don't win games. That's where Joey and NDS might make their biggest mistake: thinking those guys can put us over the top. They are nice pieces to have, but we also need solid YOUNGER talent that will make us win.

"Names" are great on a marquee, but they don't bring you championships, talent does. These guys aren't finished, but they aren't at a level that can make them win us championships by themselves. We have talent to surround them, but we need some more, especially on the wing. One might argue that we are fine on defense with Camara, Rivas, Ferrari, Valentin, Brovsky and Iapichino next to Nesta and on offense with Wenger next to Di Vaio (and maybe Toni), but we absolutely need wingers that can create opportunities for our strikers. Felipe can create opportunities, but if he is the only playmaking option, other teams will focus on him just like they did when we played a 4-4-2 and take him away. He needs help.
Agree with your post. Obviously I'd love to have a guy like Stankovic or Aquilani but you'd also have to pay them DP salaries as well as a fee for their clubs since they are not free agents. (Unless the club agrees to release them for free). I was just thinking we might be better off with bargain players like how we found Felipe than a big-name.

Also, Montreal is a bandwagon city. If the Impact wins most of their games, the stadium will be packed (similar to this year's win streak when the stadium was sold out for a couple games in a row). Even if we have big-names, people don't show up to watch a losing team.

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