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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
I kinda meant on the "really good goalie, really good team and then he checked himself out" kinda deal...the playoff resume is why Dryden is no longer being discussed too. But I don't disagree with your conclusion. I probably should have been clearer initially anyway.
Yeah, I guess I can see the similarities in that Durnan played just as long as Dryden and (like Dryden) just flat out quit while he could still play. But I think the way Durnan quit (in the middle of a playoff series with his team down) is particularly onerous, especially considering that Durnan's playoff resume as a whole, while it's far from terrible, probably isn't as good as it could be.

Answer my question, damn it! I don't have time for your riddles...
Heh, I have no good answer for Gardiner vs Benedict. It really does depend on how much you value peak and whether you consider the fact that the circumstances surrounding the end of Gardiner's peak were... unique.

Belfour better than Tony O, huh? I do believe Belfour (and Esposito) are undersold here, as I've stated...I'd be curous to hear others' thoughts on this Belfour > Esposito stance as tricky to compare, Belfour is so out of sorts era-wise here...
I just see Belfour and Esposito as very close in the regular season with a pretty large playoff edge for Belfour. I don't think anyone has talked about either that much because I think it's a round too early to consider either.

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