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Originally Posted by Habtchum View Post
1- Why not keep the cap ceiling at 70 million and let the cap floor float to as low as 35 million to accomodate the poorest teams ?
The point of a salary cap is to have parity in expenses. In the 1990s, the Rangers, the Stars, the Avalanche, etc were buying up all the UFAs causing distortions.

However, since the cap, there has been a new source of disparity in expenses (scientific drafting, scouting, etc); and there is still disparity in revenues. Disparity in revenues is probably a worse problem than in the previous cycle, because of the long-term rise in the Canadian dollar. The Canadian dollar was worth $0.85 when the last lockout was ended.

Further, for Phoenix to be successful, the cap would need to be at 30 million to first order, but to second order if they have a payroll of 30 million their attendance drops, they play fewer playoff games, etc.

Originally Posted by Habtchum View Post
2- The NHL and Bettman should lift the lockout NOW and impose their overall plan unilaterally. Let's see how many players are gonna come back on the ice in the next couple of weeks. If very few or none comes back, just cancel the rest of the season.
The players can't play without a CBA.

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