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Originally Posted by PensFanSince1989 View Post
No, your idea that teams can avoid those contracts just by 'drafting well' is misplaced. Yes, Nashville drafted both Weber and Suter, and just as they are both hitting their prime one leaves for a huge contract elsewhere and the other was offer sheeted forcing Nashville to match a ridiculous contract or lose their captain and franchise player. Yep, drafting them really protected them from having to offer up those contracts for good players.

Hire a good GM then!!!

DP kept two of the best D in the league around for peanuts compared to any of his counterparts!!! It can be done!!!! Because it has been done in Nashville!!!!!!!!! 6-7 years of service for two of the best D in the league before hitting payday!!!

Because DP did it properly he was able to determine which of the two was more valuable. Weber who can play PP, PK, 5 on 5, 30 min, score 20 goals from 80 ft and captain a team...compared to a guy that can do all of the above but only score 8 goals max...take your pick!!!

It can be just take a good GM who sticks to his guns, provides a great atmosphere to play and doesn't get rattled by the fans!!!!!

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