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11-13-2012, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by DropkickQuinn View Post
Ruutu is likely going to play 3C in Carolina this year, and he is no doubt better than Regin. Stajan is overpaid but is still quite good defensively. Gordon is one of the best PKers in the league, and Helm is a speed demon who is also very adept defensively. Steen played 3C all of last year, so I don't know why you said he is a better winger.

Im clearly not going to make any headway arguing with you, I just find it mindboggling how much you overrate Regin, without any real reason either. He just simply isn't a noteworthy player, and nowhere close to top 10 at his position
uhhh, doubt very much Ruutu is gonna play centre. According to who? He's not a centre anymore.

Stajan is quite horrible. If you actually think Stajan is better defensively than Regin... I don't even know what to say.

The DRW would be a better team with Regin as their 3C instead of Helm. Not saying they would make the trade straight up (because of injuries).

Steen played no centre last year. I can't trust anything you say. Literally pulling stuff out of your butt.

You are clearly underrating Regin, quite heavily.

Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
Peter Regin isn't even the best 3rd line center on your team.

That job belongs to Zack Smith who does what a 3rd line center is suppose to do which is be able to take key defensive faceoffs, be one of the top penalty killers and make the lives of the other teams top players difficult by playing a physical game.

Regin is more like a guy who isn't good enough offensively for the 2nd line but not also suited for the 3rd line.
How do you know. Regin when healthy >> what Smith has shown so far. AINEC.

I don't really care about faceoffs when it comes to Regin. Here's why: he's a terrific puck possession player, the Sens have the puck the majority of the time he's on the ice. Therefore I don't really care if he only wins 46% of his faceoffs or whatever it is. He still gets the puck regardless.

Regin may have offensive limitations that may not get him a spot on a prototypical 2nd line... but he's still an amazing all around contributor to his hockey team.

Regin is Zetterberg lite. He's Zetterberg with less offense.

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