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11-13-2012, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by KH1 View Post
I'm not sure that the Jays are getting as good a deal as some fans think -- mainly because I've always thought that Reyes is one of the most overrated players in baseball. Still, he has his stretches, and Johnson (when healthy) is a beast. When you get a chance to make a move like this, you take it every time (as long as you're willing to pay.)

Which brings me to my next point: Blue Jays fans aren't allowed to whine about a salary cap anymore.
Tend to agree with this. This isn’t nearly as lopsided as some people are saying.

Reyes has a lot more name value, but his glove has been going into the toilet the past few years while Escobar is one of the best-fielding SSs in baseball. Assuming he rebounds to his usual offensive performance next season, his WAR will be in exactly the same range as Reyes’ – as it’s been for the past two seasons as well.

Similarly, Alvarez will probably be a pretty average starting pitcher (as he’s been for the last 1.5 seasons save for one nightmare month last year) and so will Buehrle. You’d take Buehrle and his consistency over a single season, but there’s probably not going to be a huge difference there.

Take those out, and it’s a hell of a lot of youth – essentially 4 top prospects - for one season of an injury-prone Josh Johnson.

Having said that, yeah, it’s a trade you probably have to make. Becoming a ‘buyer’ like this will be a huge shot in the arm and have a major psychological impact both on the existing roster and on the fanbase. And their starting pitching – which was a nightmare last year – should be loads better.

Reyes-Izturis is a pretty crap defensive middle infield, though … especially compared to the Escobar-Hetcheverria combo that would probably have been in place otherwise.

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