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Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
Don't be ridiculous Frenchy, both parties are at fault hell the pa even offered to play the year under the old CBA the owners refused. It's 50/50 between owners and players.
Come on , Fehr started a strike in Baseball right in the middle of the season , he had the US at his feets in the 94 strike that destroyed , once and for all the expos . Fehr care only about one thing , to be right and win , The guy is on a power trip and have an ego the size of free willy ( well i wanted to say the size of my ex's mom , but you guys dont know her )

forget about the 50/50 , that they wanted to play without a deal everything else the players are crying about on TV . The fact is that the salaries have raised like crazy and no matter what, none of them will lose any money in the long run . Except for those guys who are fighting to be and stay in the NHL and trust me none of the players who makes millions and Fehr care about those AHL/4th lines guys.

Last week , everyone were high on that news that Maybe they were close to a deal and that the two parties are talking seriously on an agreement to play hockey soon ... the next day Maxim Talbot and david Deharnais put their signatures on a contract to go play in Europe ... what ? That's not what i would call good faith on the player side.

Fehr have one thing in mind , to come out on top no matter what and i suspect that if he could, he would take away that cap completely in the new CBA. Dont forget the rumours about the possibility of a soft cap , last week .

In all the 30 teams , i would say that only 10 teams +/- are making alot of money and the rest of the teams struggle to make profit and in some case some of them dont make money.

...But in the mean time you see guys like J. Eberle who was making a little under 1.2 million this year, on his entry contract and boom!! will make 6millions next year ... poor players, that's something like a 600% raise +/-.

That's what's wrong with Hockey , if you ask me .

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