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11-13-2012, 09:28 PM
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Originally Posted by gravey9 View Post
I call BS on this. I don't buy it. If the players don't move, do you really think the NHL will cancel the season over contracting issues when they've already gotten the players to 50/50? Most of the owners would revolt. If it happens, bettman is a goner after the CBA is signed.
It's not over contracting issues. The NHL is funding $210-$215 million in make whole under their proposal while the NHLPA is demanding $600 million. NHL wants the share between the two sides at 50/50 right now while the NHLPA is still stuck on delinked proposals where they're guaranteed their 1.883 billion plus 1.75 percent on top of that until revenues grow to hit 50/50. The only thing the two sides are close to an agreement or agree on is revenue sharing which the NHL proposed $220 million for in their last proposal.

LeBrun's column today does a good job of breaking everything down.

Like most, I believe as soon as the PA accepts the make whole and 50/50 (which should cover the first two years in full before revenues grow to cover the rest in year 3), the NHL will bend on a lot of the contract issues and a deal will be struck. When this happens is anyones guess though.

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