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5M? insulting!!!
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Well, that's the thing. You only look at math. Sadly math is not the determining of whether or not a player gets overpaid on a given year or not.
Performance is what will determine if a player is overpaid or not, and the cap. So, you can have Kovalchuk taking in 20% of the cap alone, not providing 20% of the production, with the rest of the team playing like crap and finishing dead last. But that won't prevent Jeff Finger from getting 4M or Prust getting 2.5M, or whoever else. It's to the point where third and fourth liners also get overpaid. The only thing you have to balance it out are the youngsters.
And again, this is based on your opinion that a guy like MaxPac was underpaid last year. An idea I strongly disagree with.

Have you ever negotiated anything in life? Or sold something to someone else?
You put your price real high, the other party will come in with something real low, and you settle somewhere in the middle. That's what is happening. Nothing new or crazy.
As for the future, again, nothing GUARANTEES a lockout.
when you determine wether a player is over/under paid by looking at his production (points wise), you're also looking at this from a mathematical standpoint.

while there's no guarantee, last 20 years showed everyone the possibility is STRONG.

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