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Johnny Bower

Originally Posted by Nalyd Psycho View Post
So a 36 year old goalie wasn't as good as he was before then? (I'm starting from the 31-32 season because by all accounts he was stellar in Montreal's two cup wins.)

You are so utterly convinced of your premise that you are completely blind to relevant factors outside your premise.

Yes, a 26 year old surpassed a 35 year old. What does that tell us? Basically nothing. One is entering their prime, another is leaving it. We extrapolate that the younger one was better not because he surpassed an older player, but because players who played against both and writers that observed both say so.
Johnny Bower counters your latest. First of two Vezinas at 36, plus a 1st AST, second Vezina at age 39.

First your understanding of my premise is flawed. Goalies and other players have to adapt. How they adapt to rule changes is one element of adaptability which goes towards defining better. So it is perfectly reasonable to measure young vs old in this context. Be it a young Tretiak adapting in 1972 or an old Plante adapting in 1965. Both did it within ten minutes of one game.

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