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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
I'm genuinely curious about this because I'll admit I don't know but what exactly did the players get in return for losing the 04-05 season?

They ended up accepting the cap + linkage obviously. Is there anything they got that they wouldn't have gotten had they accepted a deal for a partial 04-05 season?

I think he's referring to the 24% rollback.

That said, the reason the players ended up doing better than even they imagined, and certainly the league hadn't imagined it would go that well for them, is due to the Canadian led growth, resurgence in Chicago, and the new generational talents leading the Pens and Washington. The big guys all got bigger and healthier. Players went from 54% to 57% due to the revenue growth.

In fact, the players who came back and stayed for the duration of the last CBA probably made more money than what they lost in that lockout because of linkage, something they had resisted but which obviously worked out much better for them.

I think the players who 'lost' a lot of money, which they could never hope to recoup were the Tkachuks, Hatchers, Lidstroms, Fedorovs, and Sakics of the league (highly compensated UFAs in their mid and upper 30s).

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