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11-13-2012, 09:51 PM
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Mark Buehrle's turf stats aren't that bad are they?

238 IP 274 H 116 ER 56 BB 149 K

I believe his K and BB ratio's work out to around his career averages. I believe he gives up slightly more hits. I don't see how one can say his stats on turf aren't good. They are similar to his career norms.

While Josh Johnson's injury history is a worry, If he can rebound, I do like this deal for the Jays. His injury in 2011 had no structural damage (IIRC) but just a reoccurring shoulder inflammation problem. Johnson's biggest worry is the lost velocity on his FB. It went' from being 94-95 consistently to around 93. It may not seem like much, but it has an effect. If he can regain that lost velocity, I think we could see the ace that we have in seasons past. I do think his velocity will come back as he'll go into next year after a full off season of workouts instead of rehabbing but who knows.

With regards to Reyes, I think he underperformed last year. I think he has the ability to better. How much? Who knows.

I think it's a great trade for the Jays. Is there risk? Of course, their 3 core pieces returning include 2 guys with past injury problems and 1 guy who is aging. With that said, I'm not too hot on the return the Marlins got. I like this for the Jays though.

<-- Credit goes to Joel Ward
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