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I really should go finish Reach. I'm just so out of practice with console FPS (and all of my previous experience is on PS3) and don't want to dump the difficulty down...
The Reach campaign was pretty fun, I thought. If you could play through it in Co-op, it gets much better. I'd be up for helping you out, if you'd like.

Originally Posted by Victorious Secret View Post
Sweet. Thanks. I've read the 1-5 books and then Halo: Evolutions. I doubt too much of those come in to play. I wish I had time to play the first three and start the fourth.
Those books were great, IMO, but they mostly just provided background information that did not effect the games, I thought.

With the Forerunner trilogy currently being written by Greg Bear, Halo 4 is in an odd spot.

The first two books of the trilogy are out, and are both written very weird. Nothing happens for about 80% of both books, then in both in the last 50 or so pages, so much **** goes down it's hard to comprehend.

If you've read both books, then hey, you are in for absolutely no surprises in Halo 4.

But if you have not read those two books, you'll have no idea who some of the characters are and they are never really explained in the game! Unless you find the hidden terminals, which explain pretty well, but it's silly that you have to go find hidden stuff to figure out key parts of the narrative. As a guy who has read those books and completely 100% got the story of the game, I still think it's ****ty.

Although, the gameplay itself is amazing. The visuals in the game are RIDICULOUS. All of the CGI cutscenes were made in-house at the developer. Motion capture suits and wonderful art direction, that's all. Some of the CGI literally looks real. You're in for a treat.

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