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11-13-2012, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Let's try again:

If the New Jersey Devils overpay for Kovalchuk, they have less cap space to spend on other players.

League-wise, player salaries are exactly 57% of revenue. If some players are overpaid, other players have to be underpaid.
Yes, others are underpaid, but not the exact same number, but I don't consider youngsters on first or second contracts to fall in the underpaid category, you do.
It's a recurring theme during open market that players getting overpaid have become the norm of the NHL, that you get a lot less players that are a bargain.
The only good deals you get are from youngsters, and as I said, you and I disagree on whether or not they fall in the underpaid column.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
The NHL has a total payroll of ~2 billion dollars split over 700 players. I expect that there are hundreds of players who are overpaid and hundreds who are underpaid.

You don't even know that Prust will be overpaid by the way, he could exceed your expectations. He is not currently overpaid as he has not yet done anything, and he has not yet been paid anything :-)
Well, if we follow that train of thought, let's pay him 5M and say we don't know if it'll be an overpayment.
Don't play dumb just to play dumb. Prust is not worth 2.5M at the moment of his signing.
Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Yes, I don't try and screw people over. I value good working relationships. I try to be always upfront and direct about my expectations. Sometimes I don't succeed, and I consider that a personal failing.

Anyway, you are basically admitting that the NHLPA gets a better deal if they hold out longer. You're saying the first offer is always bad; so yeah, the NHLPA should hold out for the 20th offer. Even if you weren't around to teach this to the world, we would know, because we've just seen this happen :-)
Sure, that's if you think there will be offers being proposed non-stop. Not the case. People go away once they're fed up. Some try to get more than they should, play hard ball, only to come back and accept a previous offer.
NHLPA can hold out all they want, doesn't mean it's advantageous to them.
Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Some outcomes are more likely than others. The Bettman plan is very likely to lead to another lockout as it doesn't solve any of the problems that contributed to this lockout.
Sure, but still doesn't guarantee it, and there seems to be a focus on revenue sharing/rollbacks. Once they get those two things sorted out, it's still unsure what they'll settle on for the rest after going back and forth, and still not decided how long the new CBA will last.
Bottom line is, nothing is guaranteed.

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