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11-13-2012, 10:05 PM
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I get the feeling this dude picked the short straw at the senior writers meeting and much to his chagrin got stuck with this years NHL column.

And in the whole, long history of disasters and capitalism, has there ever been a bigger disaster than the National Hockey League or its mortician, Gary Bettman? The decommissioner has managed in just 20 years to make the league invisible. An afterthought. An unfunny punch line to a joke no one recalls.
We all get the the labour situation is a cluster... well it's a mess. We also all understand that the NHL in the US isn't as popular (visible) as things like the NFL, NBA, MLB or Tiger Woods. We would also all probably agree that along with the CBA issues there is plenty of other things the league could do better but it would be nice if these writers could at least stop pretending the NHL (or hockey in general) has been on some steep decline over the past couple of decades when just about every measuable metric suggests the opposite.

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