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11-13-2012, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyCrazed101 View Post
So then how do you argue with the players and pro-PA stance that the union needs to fight otherwise these lockouts will continue to happen and the owners continue to ask for more each time? This point has been huge for the PA camp yet their premise is based on the potential of something happening and not any known reality of it happening. Kind of reminds me of a story of a kid in Cincinnati who reached into his pocket to get his ID, but someone thought he was going for a gun - and shot him. Hey, it could have been a gun.

If, as everyone has claimed, they're in this for the money, then 57% share for the owners is better than 50%, and 64% is better 57%... and so on.

Originally Posted by Butch 19 View Post
I bet he knows exactly how much salary he lost in the last lockout.

And he knows that he NEVER got that money back, and like he said, the money is always there, the players are going to get it. (but only if the play ya see...)

I researched his career NHL earnings:

I believe he was the victim of age and that the money was going to start flowing to the most deserving players with the lowering of the UFA age (to those in their prime or entering their prime).

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