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Originally Posted by topdog View Post
OK The owners agree to all the players demands but inturn want one two things.
50-50 and the shut down of the 5 -6 biggest money losing teams.
Have the players vote on it .How do you think the players will vote.
Bettman is there to help the weaker teams and the league as a whole.
There's only two options .Help the weaker teams with the offer the NHL has proposed or Shut down 5-6 teams which inturn will make a more healthy league.
You pick one.
You don't have to go that far yet though: KC, Hamilton and QC (somewhat) are ready to go right now.

I'd shutdown two teams, though: Make it a 28 Team/ 4 Conference league, and you still have Seattle, Portland and Houston waiting to be added at some point ( add LV and you're at the "magic 32").

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