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Originally Posted by newyorker View Post
Agree however we keep blaming the boys and who can't play and who doesn't want to play and who is running the team and who isn't. Have we actually sat down to think that it might be the coaching staff? We all know that when these professional players who make millions of dollars aren't playing up to their potential or worth, who is it that they get rid of or blame? Certainly not the players. Maybe it's time to change the coach and see if it really is the players or the coaching staff. How many player changes do you think you can make without getting any results. It's not fair to the boys. Maybe they need to have someone behind the bench who cares enough to get these boys rolling. Someone who can use the talent they have and make it work instead of always making line changes and making excuses. Remember, behind every hard working and winning team is a great coach. (London, Owen Sound, etc...) Can you honestly say that about Cull, what does he bring to the table? Most of these boys want to make it work, I'm sure they didn't leave their families and make all the sacrifices they did just to lose game in and game out. Think about it..
Personally I don't have a problem with Cull and while your points are valid one just has to look at the history of this team to see that we have been a consistently mediocre team for most of our tenure in the OHL. We have had numerous coaches here with very very little success! Bottom line is we don't draft well! You can attribute this to the reluctance of players coming north and the teams reluctance to roll the dice on these players. you can blame poor scouting or lately a GM whose background is marketing ... not hockey! Apart from the Scarbossa deal when we unloaded McFarland I'd be hard pressed to name a quality player we've traded in order to build for a future year! In the 40 years this team has been in the OHL it has had 16 winning seasons of which 5 were in the first seven years in the league! In 40 years we have finished first in our division just 3 times! While I hate the Barrie colts ... here's an interest stat, since they joined the OHL in 1995/96 the colts have had 4 losing seasons! What I see here is an ownership quite happy to milk the avid fans in Sudbury with mediocre teams that will generally qualify low in the standings and early exists in the playoffs! Management here seems to want to rake in as much money yearly rather than look at the bigger picture! I for one have gotten tired of a management that is more concerned with giving there kid an unearned spot than looking for ways to improve the club.

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