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11-13-2012, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Cutter View Post
And my answer is when I spend 200$ on tickets or 55$ to order a PPV, I want the fights, especially the main event, to be exciting. Point is, in recent years it hasn't been the case with GSP. From personal experience, me and my buddies were at UFC 129 at the Rogers Stadium and GSP's fight was the most anticipated on the card and was the selling point on me and my buddies getting tickets. AND GUESS WHAT? St-Pierre vs Shields was the most boring fight on the whole card (including the preliminaries). We left in the middle of the 4th round because we knew that GSP wasn't going to get the finish and we didn't want to get stuck in traffic. We ended up right and GSP apologized yet again for not being able to deliver a finish.

GSP is top 5 P4P in the world no doubt, but there are tons of fighters I'd rather see fight. From the obvious names like Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Frankie Edgar to the less known names like Diego Brandao, Donald Cerrone and Glover Texeira.
That's because you think a perfect technical fight is boring.
I won't disagree, I also feel it wasn't the most entertaining fight, but I think people criticize GSP a tad too much about his lack of finish.
He won't back up against the cage, drop his gloves and have fun dodging punches before having enough of it and destroy his opponent like A.Silva, but his dominance during fights is remarkable as well.

Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
This fight is not garnering as much interest as previously thought by the promoters; the Bell Centre isn't even sold out, which is pretty weird. I think they took the clients for granted and jacked up the prices way too much.

Our company itself is stuck with tens of tickets unsold. We wanted to organize buses from Gatineau and the interest level is pretty low. We were shocked.
I'm not sure how things are going for the UFC. I know it's become a lot more mainstream for a while, and although it's good, I always felt it could have some negative impact.
I remember having discussions a few years back here about the UFC. I remember saying that White is only thinking about becoming more mainstream, but I felt it worsened the match ups and rivalries. Too many fighters, too many shows, too many new comers, same format, always.
Maybe it's just me, but I used to watch every fight possible, and I couldn't wait for the next PPV. But now, you get the ultimate fighter, fight nights, sometimes two PPVs a month, UFC on Fox, UFC on Fuel TV, UFC on never ends.
Too many fighters means the UFC has a hard time finding true contenders. So many average fighters in the UFC that came from his shows. I think it's made the UFC as a whole a lot more average.
His TUF show brings in less than 1M viewers a week, that's pretty, pretty weak. They are already doing season 17, yet the 16th one is still underway. 17 seasons in 8 years, that's more than 2 seasons a year.

Making the UFC mainstream has made it less special. Now, I don't think mainstream is all bad, but there's just too much of it out there now.

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