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Originally Posted by newyorker View Post
Agree however we keep blaming the boys and who can't play and who doesn't want to play and who is running the team and who isn't. Have we actually sat down to think that it might be the coaching staff? We all know that when these professional players who make millions of dollars aren't playing up to their potential or worth, who is it that they get rid of or blame? Certainly not the players. Maybe it's time to change the coach and see if it really is the players or the coaching staff. How many player changes do you think you can make without getting any results. It's not fair to the boys. Maybe they need to have someone behind the bench who cares enough to get these boys rolling. Someone who can use the talent they have and make it work instead of always making line changes and making excuses. Remember, behind every hard working and winning team is a great coach. (London, Owen Sound, etc...) Can you honestly say that about Cull, what does he bring to the table? Most of these boys want to make it work, I'm sure they didn't leave their families and make all the sacrifices they did just to lose game in and game out. Think about it..
I have been preaching that Cull has been a negative for Sudbury for the last couple of years. He doesnt develop young players. Plays the studs all the time in all key situations. Changes lines too many times.

James Boyd in Missy has the top rated team in the east because of a system in place. They dont have any more talent than Sudbury, but they play hard and compete every shift. If they dont produce, then he tries an alternative role for the player, and if that doesnt work, then the kid sits.

I dont think that the kids are all underachieving, but I think they dont draft the best players. Which player selected in the first 3 rounds in the last 5 years can we say is a top 6 forward or top 4 dman? Mcfarland, Leivo, Corrado- very fringe type players.

I think they need to change Cull and see what happens, and if nothing then blow it up. But it may be too late for that this year. So we need to accept that they may not do much this year. May not make the playoffs, unless they start winning.

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