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11-13-2012, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by jacketsinDC View Post
I'm not sure if the people here are hard-headed or NHL stooges, but the whole idea that the players are LOSING money by not signing a deal is obviously wrong even from the most superficial look at the situation. Yes, the players may come out of this season only with less total pay that if they had made a deal earlier, but the fight is about the next 10-15, 30 seasons. it is about 3-7% or whatever in lost player pay over 30+ seasons, not this season. giving up ground has a long term impact on pay beyond the contract... honestly isn't that ALMOST immediately obvious...? why do people keep vomiting up this same limp argument?
They don't have leverage. When they sign, they'll sign a deal that they could have certainly negotiated much earlier in the process. They'll sign a deal that gets HRR down to 50/50 sooner or later. They'll still have an escrow system in place, HRR will be linked. They'll probably give up some contractual issues (I'm thinking the 5% from year to year). If they hold out and get a what they wanted, then sure your argument holds water. But that has zero chance of happening. It didn't happen in 04-05, and its not gonna happen now. If owners were making more money then the players would have more leverage, but that is not the case.

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