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11-13-2012, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
One of the issues that doesn't get acknowledged enough is that the Worldclass kids should be holding their own which they are not. They just had another minus day as a line in the AHL. People look at their points and figure thats enough. But if two number one picks and a 72pt NHL player can't outscore at EV on the AHL level thats a huge problem to have.
Its not just about veteran support. Its about the supposed best players in the world acting like it all over the ice and properly learning their roles.

Time after time on the weekend set I noted our juggernaut line out on the ice being incapable of even controlling the puck or getting it out of their own end. They spent complete shifts without the puck. Again a huge problem.

My concern being these young star players don't understand, don't comprehend what to do with a lock or trap or NZ pressure whether it occurs at the AHL, or NHL level.

They better damn well figure it out quick. Or they won't develop as much as we expect.
This allstar line should be dominating 5 on 5 everytime they touch the puck. They rarely even control the puck unless its a man advantage. You can't live on that bread alone and you won't get far as a player if you do.

Great players are great 5 on 5. That hasn't been happening.

Additionally if separated the players are establishing absolutely nothing with other linemates. They pretty much required being put together and now the results of that are underwhelming. Our allstar line quickly opened the game by getting scored against not once, but twice, both EV goals. Thats not providing leadership, thats paving the way for losses and against vastly inferior players. They got owned twice by a line consisting of Will Acton, Nick Dechampes, and Paul Ranger. Household names for sure...
the best players in the world (minus freaks of nature like crosby) are pretty much treading water at 5v5 for the first few years... i don't expect them to be really good 5v5 players for at least another 2 seasons to be honest... maybe hall, cause he drives the play so much, but thats about it

it take a long time to be a 5v5 player, that's why pretty much all the best ones are 27+ years old

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