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11-13-2012, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by hexrae View Post
And here comes the onslaught of against-the-grain, devil's-advocate replies from Captain Bob.

Yup, there they are...

He's been charged for something fairly serious. So people have every right to condemn him for it, as I suppose you have every right to ... correct (can't find the word to describe it) them?
Hah. You know, in my work, I deal with cops and judges and lawyers who handle a lot of cases of 20-year-olds who make bad choices.

Most of these people have the ability to show empathy for youngsters who make bad choices -- even as they make the arrests, file for the warrants, press the charges and make verdicts.

And even when they sit in LITERAL judgement of these people, they have a lot more class and humanity than I see in threads like these.

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