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11-13-2012, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by pepty View Post
Vomiting up a limp argument does sound painful.

Do you think there is going to be a 15-30 year CBA next time around?

Do you think it is the long term interest of the players that some teams may fold because the amounts they are paying out now are not sustainable?
This party line is why I turned on the players awfully quickly even though I was neutral when this all started.

Gary and the owners are indeed full of ****, but by and large, they openly come out and tell us how they should be making more money because after all, it is THEIR business. I can deal with that. It may not be fun to hear for many, but for the most part, it's honest.

The players right now are really no worse than any politician who's willing to say anything to gain public favor, even through they know that WE know they're full of it.

Fighting for the future? Please, even the biggest pro player shill isn't buying that. It's about "me" and "now".

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