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11-13-2012, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
A drunk irishman? Wow thats nuts lol.

But seriously he isnt a bad apple, I have no issue with the drinking but it is pretty stupid to be jumping behind the wheel when you have the salary that you do and can afford a cab. I wonder which other prospects swere hammered and hopped in the car with him though?
It is always pretty stupid... I can already see people jumping on you for that comment. I understand the point, really the lucky thing for him is he has the salary to pay for this mistake. That is what helps you avoid the harsher penalties in the court system he is about to go through. If he couldn't pay the couple grand this is going to cost he would be looking at the full 180. With insurance and every thing else this is going to be a very expensive mistake although certainly avoiding the more tragic elements is the most important thing.

I know people who have these and a lot of people around these boards have probably got behind the wheel after a couple too many ginger rails as Mickey would say. I agree with CB, that there is always a jump to go after people who have done this with a huge backlash. I hope he learned from it, but lets not pretend he got caught doing something that isn't pretty prevalent in society.

He is 20 years old he is going to make mistakes. If he repeats this one we have a problem and he will too, because no amount of begging (first time) or money will save him from a decent stay in jail in that instance.

For those of you saying you don't see his talent, he is playing better than Jurco. I know he is one year older. But when I watch the Griffins I am certain he will at least crack the bottom six of the Detroit lineup. He is responsible (I know tough word with this news but still it is just the on-ice we are talking about) in his own end, has a heavy shot and a big body. He needs to get more physical, but he already has a lot of trust with the coaches. He has even been playing point on the PP lately. I have seen him draw the other teams tougher lines from time to time. He is making a lot of progress and has an NHL shot, NHL wheels on top of sound positioning.

By the way a good moment here for Brendan Smith who says he wants to be a leader. He has had his problems in the past maybe he can talk to Riley and help him out. I also seriously doubt knowing quite a few AHL players that he was alone. Hockey guys usually go out with at least a couple teammates, I know that is speculation but it would be surprising to me if he was all alone.

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