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Originally Posted by KevFu View Post
"Non-traditional" market is a phrase that exists only in the NHL.

Simply put, the media that covers MLB and the NBA has no agenda towards the success or failure of the Grizzlies, Raptors, Expos or Blue Jays. James Naismith who invented basketball was Canadian.
So what is it ? Is losing another southern team a pr disaster or not ?

If the market cant support it and the ownership walks away fom the team ( like atlanta) then the team should disappear. How are the yotes doing right now ? What happens when the cog subsidy evaporates ?

Yoy know what is funny, if more people in these southen markets actually gave a crap whether the team existed or not, this would be far less of a problem. And the notion that the have teams should prop up unsustainable teams in order for some to save face is irresponsibly self centered. Yet people such as yourself are still pining for that big national tv contract and are convinced that if only the teams in canada pumped millions more into RS, that ultimately people in louisiana will pick up a love for the game. Geez why dont you wish for a pony while you are at it?

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