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11-13-2012, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Tortorella View Post
I couldn't take anyone seriously when they suggested he's a top 10 forward in the league.
Originally Posted by Alain Racette View Post
I'm not the only one, THANK GOD!!! Very one-dimensional player... add in being a primadonna and one heck of a shifty snake in the grass with his contracts, I also couldn't take anyone seriously saying he's a top 10 forward.

NEVER liked him - and I wouldn't be surprised is Nashville passes on all Russians in the first round in the future (unless it's a unanimous first overall like Yakupov, then I think they'll consider). If I remember correctly, does San Jose have a policy on not drafting Russians? I heard something to that effect years ago, but can't remember from where or whether or not it's complete hearsay.

All I know is that if I was a GM - unless I'm getting an Ovechkin, a Malkin or a Yakupov - I would NEVER draft a Russian in the first round with the lack of a transfer agreement.
I know the thread you are referring to. Literally, no one ever said they thought he was top 10. At best, a handful of people said he had the potential to, but wasn't there yet. No one claimed he was top 10. Not even the thread creator.

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