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Originally Posted by Nalyd Psycho View Post
You are clearly punishing them for factors outside their control.
That is your evidence?

Just defined their era and expressed an opinion that it was too early to consider them.

No different from others posting their opening salvos, page 1 of this thread, posts #4, 7, and ..... #13 yours, where you effectively try to jump the voting trend by introducing two goalies as 1 and 2 when one only finished 8th in the previous round and one was not eligible.

My opinion is supported by voting trends to date.

Let's see your case for Benedict/Vezina or Vezina/Benedict as #1 and #2 in this round. Support the assertion in your post #13 of this thread that BOTH were incorrectly listed on the master list - not my creation and that both deserve at least a four to six spot bump going against the already established voting patterns.

The reference to Charlie Gardiner was outside of the Benedict/Vezina or Vezina/Benedict issue.

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