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Elena (2011), directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev: Elena is a middle aged woman who might have been slim and pretty once, but that was a long time ago. She's on her second marriage to a middle-aged man who is on his second marriage, too, and he has seen better days as well. They have an ultra-modern house and a comfortable, if distant, relationship. Neither likes their partner's kid from their first marriage, and the movie makes clear that they both have a point regarding their distaste. Elena's kid is a useless slug; Vladimir's kid is a privileged brat. Turns out, blood is thicker than water, though. While the movie plays its cards close to its vest, it ends up being a deliciously cynical black comedy elegantly directed and superbly acted. Even the faux Phillip Glass-type score suits the movie to a tee. This is one of those rare movies where you can see everybody's point of view as making a lot of sense. Yet, in the end, the audience is left in something of a quandary, albeit one that has been very carefully constructed. It is possible that this film is a backhanded compliment to the Russian peasant's ability to survive. It is also possible that the film is a condemnation of that same peasant's narrow-mindedness and moral relativism. A very, very smart, brilliantly directed movie.


Top Ten 2012 so far

1. Amour, Haneke, France
2. A Simple Life, Hui, Hong Kong
3. Rhino Season, Ghobadi, Iran
4. No, Larrain, Chile
5. A Royal Affair, Arcel, Denmark
6. Oslo, August 31, Trier, Norway
7. Elena, Zvyagintsev, Russia
8. Tabu, Gomes, Portugal
9. Skyfall, Mendes, US
10. Norwegian Wood, Tran, Japan

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