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Originally Posted by emackulate View Post
thanks for the long and detailed reply . do you happen to have any close up pictures of an authentic jersey that shows these differences? i'd like to see the differences as some sort of a guide.
I have some pics, hopefully this will do, at least to get you started: 1st pic is a close up of 3 authentic Starters with the NHL shield logo on the tail, bottom right. 2nd pic is a Starter Replica with the Western Conference logo in the same place (authentics have the NHL shield, replicas have a variety of logos on the tail). 3rd pic is another replica with the puck logo on the tail.

Also look at the left sleeve at the wrist on each pic. The authentic doesn't have anything on the sleeve, but you can make out the Starter logo in the 2nd pic, and it's easy to see the Koho logo in the 3rd pic. Authentics don't have a logo on the left sleeve and all replicas do (even the current Edge jerseys).

2 more pics: 1st is a CCM authentic. You can see at the elbows a half-circle stitching in white thread which is the double elbow (an extra layer of material sewn into the elbows) 2nd pic is the same jersey, replica version -different color b/c it's the other team- and no stitching for double elbow material (you can also see the sleeve tag on this one). Pre Edge CCM authentics all have double elbows & replicas do not, but Pre Edge Starter and Pro Player replicas do have double elbows.

And a couple more: 1st is an authentic Starter. This time look at the numeric (48-R) sizing. Authentics are sized with numbers and replicas with traditional S, M, L, XL. Hard to see in the 2nd pic, but the replica jersey's tag shows size "L".

CCM authentics have numeric sizing also, but the tags are lots smaller, like in the pic below. You can see the tiny "48" tag to the left of the CCM tag just inside the V neck. You can also see the "Authentic On Ice Game Jersey" wording on the large CCM neck label. CCM replicas say "Official Licensed Jersey" in the same place and size with letters, not numbers.

Here's a good pic of a fight strap.

Replicas don't have fight straps sewn into the backs, all authentics do.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any other assistance.

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