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11-14-2012, 12:44 AM
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I think the assumption that "almost every guy has been drunk driving" is pretty flawed and also insulting. I for one haven't and given that there are quite a few religious groups with a lot of memberswho have banned all drinking in their membership I doubt I am the only one or even one of very few people.

The idea that someone's loved one, one of MY loved ones, might die because of some *****'s idiocy makes me downright angry. I am aware of the fact that some people on this board have done some drunk driving and I think less of them for it. It's such an easily avoided thing for a half-way intelligent person, so there's no sympathy from me.

I once took a ride with my then fiance's dad driving and I could smell the booze on him, I was mad as hell on the inside and I would have refused the ride if not for the fact that I had arrived with him so I would have been stuck without a ride in the middle of Detroit at midnight and the fact my fiance would have been upset by the entire thing. So I just got in the car, seething on the inside, didn't say a thing. Lost all respect for the man right there and then. And I still feel a bit bad for even letting him drive.

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