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11-13-2012, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy Flaming View Post
Yes, because that's how the media operates. Good Lord.

It's not my story but my co-host's but I can say without hesitation that Dean has no issue with the Winterhawks getting Jones or any other team getting any other player.

He only mentioned Jones in the story because he's the most recent big-name pick up by the team. He also went out of his way to explain that Jones could have absolutely nothing to do with the the investigation.

Seriously, why would an established media person just make stuff up? If anyone did that they would never get a job again or be taken seriously by anyone. And no one can say that about Dean and I would hope no would would think that of me either.
I do not believe anyone is accusing Dean of making up the story Guy. I believe what The Nuge was saying with his comment was that one of the other WHL teams may have accused the Winterhawks of cheating because they got Jones, which resulted in the investigation. I do not believe he is attacking Dean's integrity as a journalist.

Though to answer your question as to why a person in the media (established or not) may publish a fabricated a story (cough...Jim Rome...Cough...Craddlegate...cough)? It is the same reason why anyone does something they aren't suppose to to, because they do not believe they would get caught or their sources are misinformed.

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