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11-14-2012, 01:15 AM
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Game breakers come on defense, too. Imagine Pronger or Weber on the back end during virtually any playoff series in the last three years.

Whats really an ongoing irritant for me is Gillis poo-pooing the conventional wisdom and posing as the innovator. Great! He invented the regular season champions, a dynasty! That's like being lord of the gym or best team on paper. Lame.

Gillis is not a killer. He does not have the instinct. He did not display it on the ice and he has not displayed it in the boardroom. Quite the opposite, in fact! Gillis wants to be cerebral man in a physical world, imposing his thoughts on the actions of others. A problem that has developed is that other teams do not really give a damn what Gillis thinks. The league doesn't either.

If Gillis was a bit more bloodthirsty I imagine the Canucks would have had thier cup by now. If, three years ago, he'd sold the future and augmented the Olympic year Road Warriors they might have done it, except that Gillis refuses to employ a goon or even a tough guy. This might work in other ventures, but NHL playoffs are a primitive affair, devoid of rules or policing. Playoffs are a type of battle, won the hard way, by fighting.

Gillis cannot understand this. Vignault does not preach this. The team's leaders do not play this way. The team is not built for it.

Would a gamebreaker help? Sure, if he became the new leader. If he waded in and showed the team how to battle and led by example, then yes, it would help.

This window has closed, though. The players might still be competitive and may even win another President's Trophy, but the thinking behind the team is faulty. There won't be a change, either, as evidenced by Vignault's new contract and the outright failure of Gillis to captitalize on the recent trade climate. Where was the Weber offer? Where was the unrefuseable offer for Nash?

Like the league realizing too late that Bettman is a major mistake, the Canucks will eventually realize that Gillis isn't the guy. That is not going to happen soon enough for this core group, though. It's already kind of too late.

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