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11-14-2012, 12:20 AM
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So, another topic was brought up on a different thread being Burmistrov vs Scheifele for 3rd C spot... That made me want to compare how they are doing using Gabe's league equivalencies (PS I only looked at even strength points for transfer... not power play, since this has been shown to be more repeatable and more align with transferable skill and ability).

Team - 1st place in conference, 1st in GF in conference, PP (can't find the stat but last game I heard was running at >30%)
NHL equivalencies given 82gp: 9G, 14A, 23PTS

Team - 10th place in conference, 11th in GF in conference, PP 25th in league running at 11.5%
NHL equivalencies given 82gp: 7G, 17A, 24PTS

Note: Gabe's equivalencies do not correct for the higher level of competition at AHL due to lockout

Just for fun, a 3rd party scouting view:
Winnipeg Jets Organizational Top 10

Players 22 or under as of 09/15/2012 or still considered a prospect as defined here.

1. Evander Kane, Center
2. Zach Bogosian, Defense
3. Alexander Burmistrov, Center
4. Mark Scheifele, Center
5. Jacob Trouba, Defense
6. Ivan Telegin, Center
7. Paul Postma, Defense
8. Patrice Cormier, Center
9. Carl Klingberg, Right Wing
10. Zach Redmond, Defense

I'm aware that this is a rather boring ranking, in that the three NHLers appear 1-2-3, although between Burmistrov and Scheifele, it was a hard call to make. Kane and Bogosian look to be on the path to be top-tier players for many years. Bogosian may never be an offensive juggernaut but he has high-end defensive upside and can certainly be a good offensive player. I love Burmistrov's puck skills and hockey sense, which is why despite the fact the production hasn't really come, I'm still optimistic about him. He's still pretty young, does fine at even strength, and has the potential to come around in a big way.

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